Can I get away with using a USB Mic Instead of an XLR Mic?

It’s a question that comes up from time to time and it’s certainly 一个值得讨论的… but more than that, I’d really like to discuss why the question is actually there… and It’s my belief, it’s based in functionality, convenience and is 价格驱动…

我的意思是,你为什么要 危害您的音频质量 如果您有能力做得更好? 

当你想到 麦克风的重要性‘tool’ in your voiceover journey, next to your room treatment, it takes a pretty high priority, it’s also fair to say that the advice you’d be normally given regarding microphones would be, 购买您负担得起的最昂贵的麦克风…
一个很好的例子 ‘challenge’ would have to be the offering from Rode Microphones and their XLR shotgun condenser unit, the ever-popular NTG3,据报导 森海塞尔MKH 416 the (L.A. booth and film microphone icon) a more than solid run for it’s money....and at literally half of the retail price of the MKH 416! 
基于 perception that a‘higher price tag’brings a better quality microphone, this largely‘traditional concept’is currently being 挑战d by better and newer technology. 
Putting all this aside for a moment, let’s pose the question: 

Why would you go for a USB麦克风 over an XLR microphone... and to what end? 

好吧,在肯定名单上; A USB麦克风 can plug straight into the USB connection of your computer, doing away with the need for a DAW or audio interface as there’s no requirement for 将模拟信号转换为数字
It’s certainly a 节省空间 as you don’t have to lug an interface around if you're traveling… It’s just you, your USB mic, your computer, a couple of hotel pillows to build a hobo fort and you’re good to go…

你懂的 warm, smooth, and creamy sound 您可以 achieve 与 quality XLR microphone attached to an interface?

It’s just generally harder to find that level of versatility for a USB麦克风...
In not getting too technical, what a USB麦克风 provides in, convenience and price, could possibly detract from your audio in spectral dynamics and also limit the 多功能性和范围 of a quality XLR condenser or dynamic microphone provides.


I think it’s common knowledge that 您可以 set yourself up 与 robust good quality USB麦克风不到200美元。

However, in saying that, a solid, reliable good quality XLR microphone that will last you for years of use is‘well within your grasp’for the same kind of money and if possible, 您可以 pay a little more for better quality and more features…


因此,当涉及锡钉时, 您可以 记录USB麦克风

But in saying that we need to pose another question and that is: 

问: When given the choice, do full time, pro-voice talent 记录 with USB麦克风s when given the option of USB or XLR?

A: 嗯… No.


Irrespective of what Microphone you work with, Hands down, the most important component of your sound chain is that it starts 与 quiet and well-treated 记录ing space, free of refractions, echos reverb, motor mowers, airplanes, and dog barks...

这里 is a list of 6 good USB mics to try:

3. Audio Technica AT2020链接
4. Apogee i Mic LINK
5. Rode 播客er链接
6.蓝色Snowball Ice USB麦克风LINK
因此,我的建议是: 如果你 get the opportunity, beg, borrow, or steal a USB Microphone, just to get the feel and to have the experience of working with one.  
我觉得你’ll find they’非常方便超级有用的播客 可能还超过 适合有声读物的工作, but 我觉得你’ll find it’s possibly a little limiting for work that requires a higher level of engagement and character…
如果你’d like further information and assistance on setting up your perfect 记录ing space, 点击这里

如果你’d像一只手在沼泽中跋涉 in choosing the perfect XLR microphone for your studio… 点击这里 

And 如果你’d like some advice and mentoring to get you on your VO Journey, 点击这里


安东尼·皮卡(Anthony Pica)



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